Elasticsearch litium most sold?

Hi I see that the elastic product document have the field ‘mostSold’ in it, but this fields is empty (Probebly not running that calculation on dev?). If i whould like to use ES to find ‘mostSold’ items overall, do I need to add a new index, or should this field be of any use? Or is this field (when populated) the most sold variant of a baseproduct?

Litium version: 7.4.2

The most sold field on the product document should be populated from the statistics that the

<scheduledTask type="Litium.Foundation.Modules.ECommerce.Statistics.StatisticScheduler, Litium.Studio" startTime="00:20" interval="1d" parameters="MaxOrderAgeInMonths=6, OrderStates=1;2;3, RelationsLimit=25" />

scheduled task is creating. The logic that makes the calculation exists in the namespace Litium.Accelerator.Search.Indexing.PopularProducts inside the Litium.Accelerator project. ProductIndexDocumentBuilder.PopulateMostSoldData inside Litium.Accelerator.Elasticsearch project handle the population with data that is sent to ES.

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