Error when upgrading from 5 to 7.2.2

Getting this error when I’m running the upgrade command:

Error-Could not convert Content Property "Text" in table dbo.CMS_PageTypeProperty to field because it has multiple definitions. Please make sure to have one defintion for each content property. Read more on

I looked at the link but I can’t figure out how to solve it. Anyone fimiliar with this?

Litium version: 5.4.2-patch-1706131929

How are you upgrading your solution?
Beginning on on new 7.2 Accelerator and lifting in code from v5 or are you trying to upgrade 5 accelerator directly to 7.2?

First upgrade the database and then try it out with a new accelerator and see how it behaves.

You probebly have 2 properties with same name that you need to change.
Check the ones with SimpleStringProperty och LongStringProperty.

You can find them with this query:
SELECT PropertyName, COUNT(DISTINCT PropertyType) AS NumberOfPropertyType FROM CMS_PageProperty GROUP BY PropertyName ORDER BY PropertyName DESC

Got these properties with the same name. Is it possible to change these from the BO or do I simply update them in DB?

ListingImage 2
Files	2
FirstImage	2
PageSize	2
SecondImage	2
Image1	2

If you can run BO then change it from there otherwise you need to alter DB directly.

OK, i can run the BO. Where do I make the change? I’m only used to Litium 7 and it’s not quite the same

I think you might need to change the value directly in DB.

Updated a value in the CMS_PageTypeProperty and did run the upgrade with 0 errors. Thanks for input!

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Also check if Pages using that property got the value on upgrade, that “could” also be missing.