Image scale compression size

I’m having an issue with the rescaling functionality using GetUrlToImage(). For example I have an image that currently has the size 814x611px.
When i’m getting the image by default GetUrlToImage(new Size(-1, -1), new Size(-1, -1)) it returns an image as 814x611, and 124kb large.

I don’t need that large image, so if i want to get a slighty smaller image for example a width of 695px, i’d use the following code:
GetUrlToImage(Size.Empty, new Size(695, -1)) this code returns an image of 695x522px, but it’s 272 kb large

So basically:
814x611 = 124kb
695x522 (resized) = 272kb

Do anyone have any ideas how to decrease the size of the resized file?

Litium version: 5

Seems like your original image is optimized in a professional image editor such as Photoshop or something else and when you resize with the system it gives you a heavier image then the original even though image is smaller.

It’s possible to implement the Litium.Studio.Plugins.ImageResizer.IImageResizer with the custom logic for resize process.