Interface for async scheduled tasks

I am using the interface IStartupTaskAsync in our application and now I want to run that task on a schedule instead - IE using the ITask interface. I could not find any async version of that - is it not possible to run an async task on schedule?


You can use the ITask interface and start a new task in the ExecuteTask method instead.


public void ExecuteTask(SecurityToken token, string parameters)
   Task.Factory.StartNew(ExecuteTaskAsync, new CancellationToken(), TaskCreationOptions.LongRunning, TaskScheduler.Default).Unwrap();

private Task ExecuteTaskAsync()


Yeah I realize that I can do that but I was thinking about a possibility to have it async “all the way” to avoid using more resources then necessary.


This have been rebuilt for Litium 8 where the scheduled task is defined by an async contract.

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