List all variants on category page


Is there any way to configure Litium to show every variant in category listing (and search)? Every product uses Product with variant listing as template so there is no unique url for every variant.

Litium version: 7.4

If the variants does not have a unique urls why do you want to show the variants in the search result? What happens if you clik on the variant? Which url will be used? To use variant url on the DisplayTemplate and put a unique url for each variant will solve your problem.

Lets say that we have “Heiniken Lager” as the base product and the variants are Bottle and Can. They still want to see and filter the different types/variants in all categories.

Would it be enough to add URL-field to variants? And maybe add a canonical link to the baseproduct. Or do we have to change FieldTemplate/Displaytemplate?


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