order.GetAsCarrier() dropping order rows


I have a task running every 15 minutes which gets all orders with a certain order status and performs some operations on them.

When ExecuteTask runs, _moduleECommerce.Orders.GetOrder(orderId, token) runs and successfully gets the expected orders and I can see that there is a collection of the expected number of order rows. directly after that, order.GetAsCarrier() runs and when it has finished, the returned carrier object’s order rows collection is empty (Count == 0). No operations are performed in between the GetOrder and the GetAsCarrier calls. There are no visible errors when the two methods run.

Any idea how this could happen?

Some screenshots:

what if you try with this overload of GetAsCarrier():
order.GetAsCarrier(true, true, true, true, true, true); the fifth parameter i includeOrderRows.


Wow, it never even occured to me to check for overloads…

This was indeed the solution. Thanks Aram!

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