Unable to find an embedded skin with the name 'Windows7'

When I try to reach the parts which are built in webforms (I think… Warning for a very limited knowledge about webforms) like sales or “Search indices” under “System Settings” etc. I get the following error:

What can cause this issue? What should I look at?
This happend after I restored our test database with a new backup.

Litium version: 7.4.2

The actual DLL Telerik.Web.UI.Skins.dll is there?

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No only Telerik.Web.UI.dll. I thought Litium.Studio.ThirdParty.Telerik would handle it?

Never mind, I needed to force the CD to restore all packages to make it work, I just don’t know why Telerik.Web.UI.Skins was gone. But it solved the problem anyhow. Thanks for your help Nils!

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OK, great!

The Mvc project references Litium.Studio.Web that has dependencies for both of those Telerik libraries, but not sure either why they weren’t restored/added from the start.

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