Wrong Klarna Checkout Payment account for country

I get some strange behavior with Klarna Checkout while switching between channels.

Steps to reproduce:

I have 2 channels with one country each GB and SE with domain prefix /gb and /se and 1 website.
I have 2 Klarna Payment accounts. One with salescountry=GB and one with salescountry=SE

  1. I got to Channel /gb and add a product to cart and go to checkout.
  2. Klarna is loaded with the GB payment account (Says: Address must be in United Kingdom) in English with GBP prices
  3. Then I switch to the /se channel and go to checkout.

Expected behavior

  1. Klarna should load with the SE payment account (Says: Addressen måsta vara I Sverige) in Swedish with SEK prices.

Actual behavior

  1. Klarna loads the GB payment account (Says: Addressen måsta vara I Storbritanien) in Swedish with GBP as currency event if the order total is in SEK.

If I open the /se channel in an Incognito window the Klarna SE payment account is loaded.

How can I load the GB payment account only in the United Kingdom and the SE payment account only in Sweden?

Litium version: 7.4 Klarna V3

Do you connect the right payment provider to the channel? You can check it by going to Settings > Globalization > Channels > Countries. Check the country’s currency as well.

You can check the demo site for reference: https://demo-b2c.litium.com/ and https://demo-b2c-se.litium.com/

Yes The right Payment provider is connected to the right channel.
The problem only occurs if you switch between channels with the same cart.

Are your solution a new solution from Accelerator 7.4 or an upgraded solution?

It’s a new 7.4 solution.

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