Accelerator GetTagTerms is missing in Loop54 AddOn

Hi. I while back the Litium.Accelerator.Search.ProductSearchService introduced the abstract method GetTagTerms. The accelerator BrandListViewModelBuilder uses this method. The current Loop54ProductSearchServiceDecorator that inherits from this class doesn’t have that implementation. Is there a plan or existing code on how to implement this? Currently I’m fallbacking to the Lucene index but that isn’t ideal I believe.

Loop54 AddOn: 7.4.102
Litium version: 7.6.1

Yes this is a new method and non existing in the AddOn. There are no plans in pipeline for upgrading the AddOn yet since it is a source code AddOn one can alter whatever needed to be changed.
You can check Loop54 API reference here.
There are no methods for getting that.
You can also check with Loop54 themselves if there are other ways to get TagTerms from their API.

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