Add to cart: How to show same product added 3 times as 3 different order rows in cart

I am working with one of my customers and they have a unique requrement. While adding a product to cart, we take some additional info for that product from text inputs in the product detail page and add it to order row in cart.

If the customer wants to add the same product again from the product detail screen, by default the quanity gets added up in the cart. Instead, i need it to be added to cart as another row for the product with another set of additional informations inputted by the customer.

Is there some inbuilt way to achieve this? Or how can we achieve this requirement?

Litium version: [7.2.4]

On the add to cart call there is a parameter

Cart.Add(model.ArticleNumber, model.Quantity, string.Empty, _routeRequestLookupInfoAccessor.RouteRequestLookupInfo.Channel.WebsiteLanguageSystemId, tryAddToExistingOrderRow: false);

To add more, Buy button on the product details page will call the ...Api/CartController/Add method. There by default it will merge products of the same article number and just add quantity.

You can change that given the parameters @Ericsj11 posted.

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