Adding custom attributes to the Klarna iFrame?

Are there any way one could modify the rendering of the Klarna iframe? There are parameters we need to send to Klarna via the iframe, is there anyway to add custom attributes to the iframe somehow?

You can modify the data sent to Klarna:

Specifically, you can extend the options class.

Ok! I was actually looking for a way to add “shipping_options” to be sent to the klarna iframe. I then saw that you have CheckoutOrder.ShippingOptions . I have set ALLOW_SEPARATE_SHIPPING_ADDRESS to true and populated shipping options property with a fake shipping option (in KlarnaPaymentWidgetConfigV3.UpdateDataSentToKlarna) but it had no effect on the Klarna iframe, it still presents the default shipping alternatives. I couldn’t see that you send this data to the iframe. What do I have to do to accomplish this?

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