Batch adding multiple countries?

We’re going global for one of our clients, and we’re planning on using two channels:

  • Swedish (swedish lang, currency SEK)
  • Global (english lang, currency EUR)

The payment and delivery options are the same for all countries.
Now, the question is: how can we easily add all countries on the global channel? Manually adding them, one by one, will take forever, so I hope there is another way. :slight_smile:

Litium version: 7

I don’t know how many countries you are talking about but you could run it as a startup task to create countries and add them to the Channel.

180 countries or so.

Are you going to use different tax rates for different countries?

For B2C sales we’ll need to deduct tax for orders outside of EU.

Not sure you need to add all these countries if Payment, Delivery, Pricelist, Currency and Inventory is the same, then it’s better to have another logic on inside EU and outside EU instead to handle the Tax.

OK, but we need some logic to send the country to Klarna Checkout. I believe we need a dropdown (pre-selected with GEO-ip country) in the checkout, and that country is then sent to Klarna.
And for that logic I guess that would require the countries to exist in Litium?

You can choose your country in the Checkout page from dropdown so the countries there are the standard ones that exists in BO when you try to add one.

There aren’t more than a few countries in backoffice, so we still need to manually add all the countries first?

You do not need to create countries in BO for having a DropDown with all countries in the Checkout page, Litium uses the standard .net classes for countries.

OK! After some evaluation we decided to start with 30-40 countries, and also add a new currency for USD. That way we’ll add those to Litium and configure settings.

But we won’t add them to the channel, since they will all use the same payment method and delivery method.

That would work, right? :slight_smile:

If you don’t add them to the used Channel then you will not be able to fetch all countries connected to your current used channel in case you need to fetch any information inside or connected to the Country object.

We’ll display all countries on this Global channel, but the selected country sets the currency. Do we need it on the channel for that purpose?

Accelerator uses FirstOrDefault country you can take a look at this earlier query:

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