Can a "smart list" operate on categories?

Hi Volks

The product catalog (assortment tree) is a hierarchy. Each node a catagory which has a name and URL. The URL structure for finding the product is build up of the category “breadcrum”. Example to access the SKU number 46060.


By translating the

the product is accessed on other market like:

If any of the category is NOT translated, and the URL is emptry, the path got invalid and navigation point to invalid url and 404 is thrown.

Can I set up a smartlist iterate over ALL categories, check id the field “URL” in each node is empty, so we can translate this? (I do not get smartlist to grep on categories, only products)

thanks Erik

Smart list is handling products. What you can do is to create a task that runs at startup to check the empty url’s and print logs on those or auto add english translation.