Cannot delete CustomData in Inventory when impl IReadOnly


Im trying to use CustomData in Inventory, It forces me to impl IReadOnly.
I tried both IReadOnly and ObjectBase<T>

I think i impl those as expected but when trying to delete the inventory both in backoffice or via code I get Invocation Error, looking deeper it seams i cannot delete inventory because CustomData is readonly.

I tried with MakeWritableClone() on Inventory obj but that did not help. Then i stumble upon this: and CustomData object

Seems like a similar problem buth with pricelists. Currently I use the workaround in bug details by implementing IReadOnly interface and pretty much do:

bool IReadOnly.IsReadOnly => false;
object IReadOnly.MakeWritableClone() => this.MemberwiseClone();

And so far i can delete the created items in BO, or via Code without issues.

I have tried by using IReadOnly or ObjectBase<T> But the same issue appears when not using the workarround mentiond in the bug details.

In the end;

  • is this workarround dangerous in any way?
  • Is the fix for Pricelist also a fix for Inventory?
  • Is this working with ObjectBase class but I implemented it incorrectly?

Thanks in advance

Using: Litium 7.2.3

Yes, you may corrupt your in-memory cache and updates on the custom object may not be stored in database.

Yes, it is fixed for Inventory also.

It’s not working due to the bug, please upgrade to later version where the bug is fixed.

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