Can't export product data to excel sheet

We have created a custom product data template with additional fields and created a product with it. When trying to export product data to an excel sheet (to be able to add more similar products and then import them) some fields can’t be exported, see image. Most fields work, some don’t.

I have identified the fields that don’t work. But I don’t understand why they don’t work. Did anyone else come across this?

Litium version: 7

Are there any errors in the logs?
What are the fields that doesn’t work?
Have you tried restarting the site and then exporting?

Also, which exact version of Litium are you using?

There are no error messages in the log. And we’re using Litium 7. We have a theory that the export can’t be done when you try to export fields (with type TextOption) that don’t contain any options. When we added some option to the field, the export was completed.
We were hoping to be able to add the options when you import the excel, but I guess then it needs to be done before even exporting an excelsheet to add data in.

This sounds like a bug that was fixed in 7.2.1,

The options for the field needs to be set in advance. The import will only set the value if it’s a valid option, not create new options “on demand”.

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