Change the page fields to multicultural now existing pages exists in purgatory


As the title, we changed some fields to multi-culture in the belief that we removed all existing pages. But now found a couple that had data on the said fields.

Now said pages that use the fields cannot be updated with information or removed using the BO interface.

From what i know the only way is to downgrade the field back to non multi-culture
and then remove said pages that use that field and then upgrade the field back.

BUT is there another way that I am missing?

Litium version: 7.2.3

You need to clean the DB tables that contains that fields data and recreate the field.

I got two followup’s here.

  1. Is it possible to clean that specific data ie, if a page contains that field only that field will be removed or do we need the delete the whole page. At a first glance i remember everything was stored as JSON so it will be cumbersome to just do one field?

  2. Is it something we can do in an shared Litium enviroment?

  1. It is possible to clean the specific data, no need to delete the whole page.
    Look at your local DB and see where and how Page/Blocks and Fields are connected and make queries to delete them.

  2. Contact support and give them the queries to run on your shared DB environment.

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