Customize behavoiur for root site?

The default behavior in Litium when a user enters the root website (e.g. ) is to redirect the user to the default web site in Litium (e.g. an English version of the site: )

If I want to control this behavior, say by looking at IP address and redirecting to a specific language version based on this, how do I do that?
Do I need to add a new web application that lives in the root and handles the redirection?

Litium version: 6.2


You need to setup a new website that will listen on the root domain name (and also set that website as default). Then in the startpage of that site you will use a template where you have coded your geo-location check to see where you should forward the user.

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Thanks, Patric! :+1:

On second thought… Would it not be nice if there was a possibility to override the default “redirect to default web site” logic in Litium?

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Yes, that is a good feature. I will take a note about that one.

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