DataService query persons in group?

How can I use the DataService to fetch all persons belonging to a specific group?

Litium version: 7.4

You need to use Dapper instead of DataService because with DataService you will be forced to fetch all customers as a list first and do your selection after and that would be dangerous on large numbers of customers to look up from DB directly.

I had no idea Litium used Dapper. Or do you mean we should implement our own custom orm/data access layer?

Dapper is included in Accelerator.

I suggest to use the DataService directly

using (var q = _dataService.CreateQuery<Person>())
    return q.Filter(x => x.ContainsInGroup(GroupSystemId)).ToList();

Great didn’t find that extension method :slight_smile:

Neither did I… thank’s Patric.
And now that I do know, searching yields this page:
Hopefully you’ll find time to improve the documentation on these things so we get to know about them and can use them.

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