ElasticIndex Is not rebuilding wrong document version?

Elastic dose not seam to want to rebuild its index. I hava changed prefx. still the que dose not decrese.
I get a lot of notices like so
: 2020-11-19 11:53:20.3299 [App:26] [6ad19aa0-1fd8-40c0-9bae-33c48855aadf] [TRACE] [] Litium.Search.Indexing.IndexQueueService - Building index document for Litium.Accelerator.Search.PageDocument with c4b7bcd4-a7a9-4d73-90ff-997a2d68e475 and Index, @{ id = PageDocument:c4b7bcd4-a7a9-4d73-90ff-997a2d68e475, primaryTerm = 1, sequenceNumber = 17676, version = 17 }

version = 17? whould this not be 1 or 0 on a fresh prefix and reboot?

Litium version: 7.5?

With no code change and a few reboots its started working.
This have happend randomly a few times. it created the IndexQuere but dose no create any outher index in elastic.

Dose some one now a raliable way to make it work again when this happens?

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