Exporting variants in 7.4 possible?

After upgrading to 7.4 it’s now possible to view specific variants in the PIM.
But - when exporting it’s still exporting base products with ALL variants.

Shoudn’t it be possible to export only variants that are returned from a search with 7.4?

E.g. I have a base product, “A” that consist of variants “1”, “2”, “3”.
I search for products that starts with article number “1”.
In the list I get one variant returned, the “1”.

BUT - when I choose export I get all the three variants.
Am I missing something? :slight_smile:

Litium version: 7.4

A excel export from PIM always contain base products with all connected variants, any filtering of baseproducts or specific variants is not possible, as a workaround filtering can be done in the excelfile after export.

If you need the functionality please add this as a request at https://ideas.litium.com/

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