Global Redirect cache?

Hi, we had to update the redirects directly in the database sence it seems to be a bug with the bulk import. But its some type of cache in place, so the changes is visible in the listing but not on-site, when is this cache invalidated? Do we need to reboot the servers?

Litium version: 7.2

I can’t remember that it should be any cache (I’m not near the computer so I can’t check). Think of that browsers are caching permanent redirects so test with either inkognito mode or clear the cache. Also remember to purge the specific url in any CDN that you may use in front of the web-server.

Okey, there really seam to be cached, because it only start to work it when re manually re-save the redirect, but we can restart/rebuild the server tonight

Have checked the code and yes, it’s a cache that will keep the resolved url-redirects from database.

But will be clear on build/reboot?

Yes, it’s a memorycache so a restart of application will clear the cache.

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