How to add fields to an existing page field template?

We have recently upgraded to Litium 7 from version 6.x. And we havn’t created definition classes for the existing page templates. Now we have a requirement to add some fields to one of the page templates(through code). I was able to create field definition for the fields, but i don’t know how to add them to the template through code.

All the samples i saw expects me to create definition classes for the
existing page templates.

Is there a way to add fields to a page template through code without creating page template classes?

Something like

var sampleTemplate = IoC.Resolve<FieldTemplateService>().Get<PageFieldTemplate>(TemplateNameConstants.SampleTemplateName);


Litium version: 7.2.3

Take a look in the files in folder:


You will then get some hints.

is a good try and you was only missing a small parts.

Try with the following instead.

var templateService = IoC.Resolve<FieldTemplateService>(); // Inject the FieldTemplateService in the class instead of using IoC.Resolve.
var sampleTemplate = templateService.Get<PageFieldTemplate>(TemplateNameConstants.SampleTemplateName)?.MakeWritableClone();` // Make writable clone of the template, otherwise the template is read only.


templateService.Update(sampleTemplate); // Don't forget to persist the changes.

Thank you so much, it worked.

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