Intentory Litium 5,6,7

Is stock date information removed from stock information in litium 5,67 or where can i find this information?
If removed any suggestions about how to handle this i litium 7? We have need to display different information depending on latest update and future deliveries.

Exemple from Litium 4.8 xml export.

Litium version: 6, 7

The same properties except LastUpdatedDate exists in later versions of litium also together with an CustomData property on the inventory item itself where project can store any json serializable object with custom data. Non of this information is visible in back office.

Thanks! Even better than I hoped :slight_smile: but why isn’t it visible in backoffice or even export?

When the PIM was ported into the new domain model we was keeping a lot of functionality on the same way as it was before. The Litium 4 does not either show the information in the UI and the Excel export didn’t exists in the product.

If this is important for the business, please send in the business requirements to Ludde and we will prioritize that with all other features.