Issue with images that are null on products

Hi! We are having some issue with images on variants. Some variants in the database contain image guids that are not visible in BackOffice or on the site.

I tried deleting the images that were visible and re-adding them on the variant with this issue, but this does not seem to affect any of the images we get back from the variant. These images result in null values when I try to get them and map them to an image model.

I am wondering if there is some known cause for this or other solution than deleting the product and importing it again.

Does this maybe happen if the customer deleted the image from the media library and then the guids are left over?


Litium version: 7.6.1

Sounds like the images have in fact been deleted from the database, but the link still persists for some reason. Can you query to check if those GuidValue are available as SystemId in the File.Media table?

If they’re not, you could delete the links from the database. I’d delete any entry for _images for the affected variants and then re-add images from BO, so the index column doesn’t get out of sync.

Is the customer running ProductMediaMapper or doing any automatic connecting of images?

Found 2 Guids in the Media.File out of the 14.

Deleting the _images fields for the variant works.

We are downloading and mapping the images, but It seems as the customer deleted some images from de library that were used on the variant.

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