Klarna Order confirmation in Accelerator

Is there a way to show Klarnas Order confirmation in the Accelerator with some setting/setup?
I can’t find anything, so i guess i have to implement that myself?

Litium version: 7.6

You can read here about implementing Klarnas confirmation snippet:

Thanks, but following those steps would result in an Litiums confirmation page on reload, right?

I hade the same idea, but ended up getting the Html Snippet In the OrderController. Do you see any downside with this?

public ActionResult Confirmation(PageModel currentPageModel, Guid? orderId, bool isEmail = false)
// ...
return View(model);
// ...


private void GetKlarnasOrderConfirmationSnippet(OrderConfirmationViewModel model)
        // Has to be placed here. The decorators or original builder can't access _klarnaPaymentConfigV3.
        var order = _moduleECommerce.Orders.GetOrder(model.Order.ExternalOrderID, _securityToken)?
            .GetAsCarrier(false, false, false, false, false, true);
        var paymentInfoCarrier = order?.PaymentInfo?.FirstOrDefault(x => x.PaymentProvider.StartsWith("Klarna"));
        if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(paymentInfoCarrier?.PaymentMethod))
            var paymentAccountId = _paymentWidgetService.GetPaymentAccountId(paymentInfoCarrier.PaymentMethod);
            var klarnaCheckout = LitiumKcoApi.CreateFrom(paymentAccountId, (order, payment, kcoOrder) =>
                _klarnaPaymentConfigV3.UpdateDataSentToKlarna(new UrlHelper(), order, payment, kcoOrder));
            var checkoutOrder = klarnaCheckout.FetchKcoOrder(paymentInfoCarrier.TransactionNumber);

            if (checkoutOrder.KlarnaOrderStatus == KlarnaOrderStatus.Complete)
                model.HtmlSnippet = checkoutOrder.HtmlSnippet;

Yes, it would not appear after a refresh. Should not be an issue to use your solution from what I can tell.

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