Orderrows with different VAT and klarna

Adding order rows with different VAT and a order discount results in klarna checkout not rendering (checkout is pretty much accelerator default) for me, anyone recognizing this?. Logs shows that Klarna thinks that Litium is making a Bad Request.

Litium version: 7.1.0
Klarna addon: 4.7.101, 4.7.102

Update: Upgrading to klarna 4.7.102 did not help, nor did removing the discounts.

Yes I get the same result in v7.2 pre-release, we need to investigate this.

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Ok after investigating this issue it seems this has been fixed in the next upgrade release and it will be released about end of this month.

Any news on that upgrade release?

I have actually checked and tested the Klarna AddOn 4.7.103 pre-release so it should be released anytime soon.

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Klarna AddOn 4.7.103 is released now.

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