Moving away from product.systemId?

I’m porting an old plugin to 7.1 that replays a lot on products Guids probably variant .systemIds.
But in the new litium version the systemId seams to be downplayed, only exposing a string .Id in the view.

So now I need to decide, should i expose the Guid or change all product connection logic to connect on .Id instead?

Any insight on what the philosophy going forward?

Litium version: 7.1

SystemId are meant to be used internal in Litium but the human readble Ids are exposure to outside world.

Not sure exactly how you mean that the View only contains the Id and not the SystemId. If you mean the Mvc razor view you should move your logic into the ViewBuilders instead and add new properties that you need for your addon code into the view that is returned to the view. The view is not meant to collect data from different places and instead to get the data served from the view model.

For performance reason it is hard to optimize the logic if you spread out the logic in different places instead of having all the logic in one place.