Payment info empty

We have a problem that it look like then session times out or something like that, and then we don’t have any paymentinfo left, have anyone had that problem? What is the best solution is it to have like a popup with a refresh button? Or what should i do? or should we have a longer time on the session? We have KlarnaV3 och Directpay

You can save the cart in a cookie and let it load in new session. It is supported out of the box to save cart, in BO => Settings => Sales => Shopping Cart.

It is only paymentinfo that missing, not other stuff.

What is the exact problem? Is order placed? Is it paid or reserved in Klarna? Is the transaction reference or number that is missing?

No it is before the order is placed, it is when the customer should select delivery.

Is it standard accelerator checkout page? Are there any changes in the code? Where is the selection of the delivery? On the checkout page or on the klarna checkout widget (are you using KSS) or via an add-on like Unifaun? It seems that you are somehow skipping to set the payment info of the order carrier in the shopping card.

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