Paypal express checkout

Is it possible to use the paypal-button and the paypal express checkout flow in the paypal-addon?

Litium version: 7.2.3

Paypal-button is not supported by the paypal-addon. However, the integration is in fact to the paypal express checkout. If the only payment method you have is PayPal, there is no significant difference in using the paypal-button or just the accelerator checkout page.
If you would like to not show a checkout page, but directly take the end-customer into the paypal payment page, when the “express checkout” is clicked (This would be an alternative to buy button), you may redirect user to checkout page, and redirect again to the paypal (by way of invoking the place order method). This way, end-user experience would be just going direct into PayPal.

Is it possible to use paypal as an widget like klarna? We are exploring ways to get the user to skip filling in all the input forms on the accelerator checkout as it may already exist on their paypal account.

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