Post publish date range?

Hi! Part of our workflow it to add a lot of promotional posts that should only be visible between certain dates.
We can do this by setting a Timed Publish date, publish the post and then under advanced setting set an unpublish-date. But we want to have it consolidated in one place.

What is my best option? Have I missed a feature? is it possible to tweak the timed publish to take a date range?

Or is my best option to add two date fields to the posts itself? and then on publish, unpublish the post and set the date range programmatically? If you any hints on what api’s to use?

Litium version: 6.2

The page does not have to be published to set a future unpublish date so you can set both a future publish and unpublish date up in advance.

I don’t see this option under advanced, I only have:

Unpublish date
Auto archive

Then I need to set the publish time in a different view, I want this info in the same view. next to each other.

For this, I need custom logic? If so are there API-calls I can make to set future and unpublish date on post save?

What option do you not see?

To time publish via UI it is on the publish button and unpublish date under advanced is the UI for unpublish.

If you want to build some own tool to manage these settings you can do it with:

page.PublishLater(DateTime.Now.AddDays(2), false, token);
page.SetEndPublishDateTime(DateTime.Now.AddDays(7), token);
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