Problems adding AdditionalPaymentInfo

We just upgraded our solution to the new 7.6 release but we’re having trouble adding additional payment info. We’re getting Object reference not set to an instance of an object error and it seems to happen inside Litium. StackTrace says:

at Litium.Foundation.Modules.ECommerce.Payments.AdditionalPaymentInfoCollection.Create(AdditionalPaymentInfoCarrier carrier, SecurityToken token)

Our function call looks like this:

var additionalPaymentInfoCarrier = new AdditionalPaymentInfoCarrier(“PaymentType”, PaymentInfo.ID, “CardPayment”);
PaymentInfo.AdditionalPaymentInfo.Create(additionalPaymentInfoCarrier, token);

Has anything changed? Can’t see anything in the change logs and It’s working fine on earlier versions of Litium.

Litium version: 7.6

hej Samuel
we have reported bug 52994, if confirmed, u will also be able to see its status and version where we include fix.
though in case we will also update with information in this forum post

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