Product change category redirect

When changing a category for products with the field template “products with variant in a list” the redirect is not working.

The redirect are working for other field templates.

Template: Products with variant in a list
/oldcateogory/product - 404

Template: Any other template
/oldcategory/product - 301 to new category

How does Litium keep track of these changes? And why is it not working for all the templates?

I can’t find anything relevant in the log.

Litium version: 7.7.1

The key difference for that template is that the URL is on the base product, where as for the others the URL is instead on the variant. Litium will try to resolve the correct URL for the entity while processing the request and if it finds a new URL for the entity that’s different from the request URL it will issue an redirect.

But this doesn’t seem to work correctly for base products. Can you report a bug on Docs, please?

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