Release: Litium 6.2.0

New release - Litium 6.2 with Accelerator 6.2
Litium 6.2 is realased and includes the following highlights as well as general improvements and fixes:

  • invert your Option-filtering with is-not
  • use categories in your filtering
  • overall performance improvement

Litium Release Notes

Accelerator Release Notes

Litium is distributed through NuGet. Read more on how to install the Litium NuGet-feed.

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Patric, nice work with the support for dependency injection in web forms! Are there any Litium specific issues regarding implementing it in a Litium web forms solution? Is there any documentation somewhere?

Not what I know about.

No, we haven’t put out any documentation. I think you can read examples from Microsoft, example where we already implemented the part with register the dependency injection engine to work with Web Forms.
One think to think about is if you switch from Target Framework (TFM) 4.7.2 after you installed this version the references will still go to the TFM 4.6 version and not TFM 4.7.2. Easist to fix that is to run the following from Package Manager Console inside Visual Studio

Update-Package -ReInstall
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