Remote Server Admin Login with Local Windows Account Not Working

I’m having problems logging in to the Litium Backoffice using a local windows account. It’s a “remote” iis development server where the local windows account i’m trying to use is a member of the servers local Administrators group.

The System User is enabled:
systemUser enabled=“true” systemUserGroup="" useSecureConnectionRedirection=“true”

And the Auth Mode is set to:
authentication mode=“None”

I’ve been trying to use the following formats logging in to Litium:

  • .\username
  • SERVERNAME\username

I have tested the account (forcing Windows Authentication via IIS) and that seems to work just fine (e.g IIS throws up a login dialogue and i log on with the local acocunt using SERVERNAME\username, after that i’m passed on to the Litium Application.

Litium version: 7.0

If you still have issue with this create a support-ticket in order to get help.

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