Remove products from PriceAgent files

Is there any way we could extend how the price agent files is created? To remove some products etc.

Litium version: 6.2.1

Yes you can create your own files and override the ordinary files.
Place them in Litium.Accelerator project because they get resolved first.

public class GoogleShoppingPriceAgent : IPriceAgent

public class PriceAgentItemFactoryImpl : PriceAgentItemFactory

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Easiest is to make an own implementation of the PriceAgentItemFactory that will return null for the products that not should be included in the feed.

The default implementation is Litium.Web.Products.PriceAgents.PriceAgentItemFactory from assembly Litium.Web.Application, that means that the default implementation not is covered by the rules for backward compatibility so that implementation can be changed, removed without notification.