Removing a customers login only works once

Is there any way to remove a customers login from the backoffice?

I can delete the value stored under the “User name” field, but if I do that for more than one customer I get an error message that the user name is already in use. I assume that emptying the user name field then sets the user name to an empty string rather than setting it to null, which means that this technique only ever works once.

It would be super useful to have a way of removing customer logins without having to manually edit the database.

Litium version: 6.3.1

Sounds like a bug to me. Empty login name should not be considered as a valid login name and you should not have ‘user name is already in use’ error message in this case. Please file a bug.

bug is already reported and Litium Product team is working on it. please see on its status