Resolve new url to page from old url

Is there any builtin way in litium to resolve a url to a category page from an old url, we changed the name of the category.

Litium version: 7.6.3

Litium should to this automatically. If an URL results in a 404, a check is made if there used to be anything there. And there was, it will check if the same thing still exists, but at another URL. The history is stored for pages, products and categories.

Do you mean in the code? I used this a long time ago, but that code never went live.

IoC.Resolve< RoutingHelperService> ().TryGetCategoryUrlHistory(

Is there any service we can use to check the history of a url?
We have the following url:
And whenever the old url is used:
We want to do some processing of that url and redirect to the new url ourselves.
RoutingHelperService unfortunately does not provide us with the information we need to do this, and it assumes we know the categorySystemId.
Perhaps we are trying to mess with the internal functioning of urls too much?