RouteRequestLookupInfo is null (NullReferenceException in ControllerBase)


Some time ago I noticed NullReferenceException throwing in ControllerBase.Init(). This is happen only on production and I cannot reproduce it locally.

After adding some loging looks like I also get exception in ErrorController.NotFound in line:


Looks like: RouteRequestLookupInfo is somehow null.

I have also noticed some NullReferenceException from:


My suspicion is that it somehow caused by crawlers.

Did anyone have solution for this kind of issue?


Litium version: [Version number]

I have the same issue though only locally.
Not really sure why though, haven’t had time to look into it more closely but I suspect it’s some cookie/session issues.

Litium 7.6.1

I have noticed bing bot causing this on my project. I have added nullchecks that returns empty views and the errors have stopped.

More specifically, the bingbots somehow follow the clicks on filter… but they dont understand thta they need to include litium-context (current channel, current page etc) so the requestlookupinfo is null and exception is logged.

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