Send mail with link to set a new password

We are building a feature to let our customers (Person) resend a mail to their registered mail.
In the mail there should be a link/url containing a guid and when the user clicks the link they should land on a page that lets them set a new password.

I’m pretty new to how Litium works and cannot find any good documentation or topics on this subject.

My thoughts how to solve this are

  1. If possible Extend existing feature in Litium to store a guid and a flag (boolean) in the PasswordLoginInfo db table? So when when the users reach the page we have logic that tells if the users guid from the url is valid and link it to the user we want to change the password for.

  2. If alternative 1 dont work, I create a new EF entity and map it to a separate table. Then create logic that checks if the guid is valid and set the new password for an existing customer linked to the guid entity stored in a separate db table.

If you guys have any recommendations to solve this , i’m more then happy to hear your ideas. What is best practice, how do you normally store data that somehow extends existing objects/features in Litium core.

Litium version: 7.4.2

You do not need to extend any table, just store the guid value on a field on the person requesting the password (also store a expiration-date together with the guid value).

Do not add the fields to the field template of the user, this will make the fields hidden and not visible in backoffice to editors.


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