Set order status in Litium 8


Is it possible to change the status of an order as of 8.2.1? I don’t have any “Status” property or similar on any of SalesOrder, Shipment or Payment.

Litium version: 8.2.1

There’s a StateTransitionService available.

Alright, seems to have what I need.

However, there is no “Cancelled” OrderState or ShipmentState?
According to State transitions, shipments are in control of cancelling an order?

Following this, Cancel or refund of payment, it looks like I have to cancel all transactions as well, but I tested this on an Init payment, and it is still in Init state?

Is there a specific way to cancel an order?

Hi this feature is not implemented yet and in design for the moment so it might be that it will hold same status but will be tagged as Cancelled.

Thanks. Is there a planned release date for this feature yet?

Our ambition is to support and release this with L8.3 version and it will be end of march or in early April.

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