Setting 'Use secure connection for this page type' for the StartPage template

My main goal is to make the whole site use https instead of http. I can easily do that for all pages except the start page by checking the ‘Use secure connection for this page type’ checkbox on the page templates. Problem is that StartPage template isn’t listed with the other page templates so I can’t edit it’s properties. Is this the standard behaviour for Litium 4.7 or is it just an issue with the solution I’m working on?

Litium version: 4.7

Can’t you just use the web.config to rewrite urls from http to https?
If you have a certificate there should be no issue to do that.

I’m not sure that would work. If I add https:// manually to the start page url in the browser I’m redirected to http. Not sure where that happens though.

Have you worked a lot with 4.7 and know why the StartPage template isn’t in the page template list?

Sorry no, more familiar with v7 and up, though my gut is telling me its probably something IIS is doing.

I would check the web.config it’s using and possibly the IIS manager if it’s doing some https => http rewrite already that is inherited from some global config on the server.

Found the solution. The problem was me. Missed the pagination at the bottom of the page. StartPage is for sure in the list of page templates if you’re not blind like me. :unamused:

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