Support for multiple campaign codes

Referring to your answer in Add more than 1 campaign code.

@patric.forsgard Could you please explain this in more detail. Currently we add the campaign code to OrderCarrier.CampaignInfo . What do we need to do in order to be able to apply multiple campaign codes on that property and get the expected result out of the campaign engine?

Litium version: 7

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This article will describe how you can create an own campaign condition and this condition need to validate the value in the OrderCarrier.CampaignInfo to see if the action should be applied.

When the custom condition is created and added to the solution it should be possible to add that as a condition for the campaign action. Then the custom condition should be used instead of the default voucher code condition.

Thank you!
Is it possible to extend the default campaign condition? Or do we use both the default condition and the new one?

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It’s not possible to extend the default campaign condition so you need to add your own.

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