SwedbankPay: Could not find a corresponding payment with transaction reference

We are seeing this error in our logfiles:
“Litium.AddOns.SwedbankPay.Communications.OperationProviderReportCallback - SwedbankPay http report: Could not find a corresponding payment with transaction reference ii6******ms2.”

It seems that if the payment was not captured directly but is manually captured later on we get two transactions in the “transactionList” back from SwedbankPay.

And then the SwedbankPay AddOn code can’t find the reference to the payment because its trying to find a payment with the transaction reference of the initial transaction of type “Authorization” but with the id of the transaction item with type “Capture”.

If I look in the Litium.AddOns.SwedbankPay dll at “CardPaymentOperationProviderReportCallback.cs” I find this row. Is this correct behavior to get “FirstOrDefault”, since we have 2 transactions it seems we are missing the one that matches the payment reference thats stored in Litium?

"return Solution.Instance.Log.TraceProcessLog(nameof (CardPaymentOperationProviderReportCallback), "Matched Transaction: “, (Func) (() => payment.PaymentResponse.Transactions.TransactionList.FirstOrDefault((Func<Transaction, bool>) (t => t.Number == item.Payload.Transaction.Number))));”

Attached screendump of logfile och the payment in BO.

Litium version: 7.3.2
Solution based on Accelerator 5

Payment in backoffice

There is a cancellation action in log file and that means transaction got cancelled.
After that you do a capturing manually in SwedbankPay BO.
Because of manual capturing Litium receives a new PayeeReference instead of the one created first in Litium and therefore it will not be recognized and it will be logged as an error and no actions executed.
In this case, you need to go to Litium BO and click the sync button to get the latest status.
Note: Actions we can do in SwedbankPay BO are Cancellation, Fully-capture and Fully-refund because we do not support partial payments.

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