Top menu with images


For our customer I have to develop top menu with categories and images. I would like to reach effect as below. I’ve tried to find some information how do to it, but without any results. Is there any guide how to implement such functionality?



Litium version: 7.7

You want to put all filters in MegaMenu?

No, I’ve got assortment with categories, but customer need also images with links to realizations…

You can try to add the images to the


as ContentLinkModels ImageModel or add an extra imageUrl property and present it on frontend Navigation.js like this for example:

<div className="navbar__item-image">
<img src={link.imageUrl}></img>

Another solution is to use the Editor field when editing Mega menu page, where you can add images and links:

@steve.redstorm thank you very much, it’s working :slight_smile:


@ton.nguyen thanks for help, I will try your suggestion… can be helpful in the next project phase :slight_smile:

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