Using WebP images


One of our customers want to use WebP images in Litium. I’ve searched the forum (and documentation) and found this thread which describes some problems with it WebP support for images

Since then WebP has been added as a valid image format (7.6.0), but from what I can tell there are no other changes regarding the handling of WebP images. I understand that the handling of WebP images differs from how other formats are handled.

I’ve tried uploading some WebP images to the customers test environment, and they seem to work fine if the image is not resized. If it is resized however it will be served as a jpeg instead.

I’ve got two questions regarding this:

  1. Would i be possible to change or provide a custom implementation of the resizer so that it serves WebP images? I’m guessing this could be a bit tricky to do right?
  2. Is there any downsides of uploading as WebP images to Litium and use these? In that case the resizer will not be reimplemented and the customer will have to accept that other formats are used in som cases.

Anything else that need to be considered regarding WebP images in Litium?


Litium version: 7.7.1

I have written a “plugin” that gives Litium WebP-support for some of my customers.
However I I’m not sure I can share the full code… but its fully possible (your alternative 1).

It involves modifying the resizer, and using a custom BlobDownloadController.

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