Add a "pdf" DAM-document to a product


We have successfully been able to programatically map a media object (pdf file) to a product via media mapper. The result is a related is a clickable link that fire up a pdf document in the browser stored at “litium” (…mydocuemnt.pdf )

However, doing the same excercise manually I now experience is not really that simple. I think I would have expected some same similarities as there is for images. E.g you visit the “images” tab from Back Office and select or upload an image.

What is the recommended standard way from Litium to add a “DAM” asset to a product (in this case pdf document) ?

Thanks for reply.

Regards Erik

Litium version: 7

You could add a Pointer (with entity Files) field to the template. If you allow for multi-select, then you can add as many files as there is. The list can also be sorted in the back office.

When you click add you get the same dialog as when adding images, so you can upload your files directly from there.

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