AddOrUpdate on BaseProducts Fields

Hi I’m trying to add a new brand to my product in my integration. The brand is added to the product but the brand is not added when I’m navigating to Settings/Product/Fields. I’m able to see brands that was added when the example products was added in the start of the application, but my new brand isn’t there.
I’m using the method AddOrUpdateValue, shouldn’t this add the value to the “brand” field?

Litium version: 6.2.1

Avaliable values is set in the field definition which is not updated if you add a field value to a product. In your integration you will need to update avaliable values in the fielddefinition for the brand field.

Look in the accelerator code at Litium.Accelerator.Definitions.ProductsDefinitionSetup.InitFields() for a code example.

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