Product import updates index on update but not create

Hi, we noticed in a older project that the product import only updates the index on update, not create.

Anyone know if this is a known bug in L6, or what could be wrong?

Litium version: 6.3.9

Did you check the lucene index file or did you come to this conclusion by not finding the product on the website?

Product has to fulfill some requirements in order to be searchable on the website. Does your created base product fulfill following requierements?

  • Base product and some of its variants have to be planned under a category published on the website.

  • Base product, its variants and the category have to have url in the product language of the website.

  • Base product, its variants and the category have to be published on the website.

  • Display templates of the base product and the category have to be available on the website.

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I think my initial question was kind of wrong. Here comes a better explanation of the problem:

Product 123 has multi language text field “Product Section” = empty. This is a filter field
If i update that text field, i expect an update of the search index, but nothing happends.
If i then update another field, like name/seo description etc, that does trigger an update to the search index.
If i then remove the data in the multi language field “Product Section”, no update is triggered in the search index.
But if a remove the data in name/seo description, an update in the search index is triggerd

All requirements is filled, because it will be correct after an index rebuild. Or if i change a non filter field

I tested this locally and didn’t encounter an error. Just adding my steps here to see what’s different.

  1. Set up a new Text field with Multi-culture
  2. Add field to variant level
  3. Add the new field as a site filter
  4. Run an import that sets a value for this field
  5. Filter value appears on site (expected)
  6. Run an import that removes the value
  7. Filter value disappears (expected)
  8. Run an import that removes the value and sets the value for another variant
  9. Filter value changes (expected)

I tested in on a different solution on 6.3.9 aswell. It’s the same issue.

But some differences with your test is that i have the filter on the BaseProduct. And Multi culture is not relevant. It’s an issue with regular text fields.

What i did to get the error

  1. Set up a new Text field with or without multi culture
  2. Add field to baseproduct level
  3. Add the new field to the AcceleratorFilterFields field
  4. Add the new field to the category
  5. Add value to the filter field for 1 product
  6. The field does not show up
  7. Update name on the base product (Or rebuild index)
  8. The filter field shows up with value from step 5
  9. Change value in the filter field
  10. The field value is not changed on the category page
  11. Update the name of the product (Or rebuild index)
  12. The field value has changed to the value from step 9
  13. Remove the value in the filter field
  14. The filter is gone on the category page (expected)

Sorry for not beeing totally clear the first times, but this is the scenario, and it’s a problem in 2 different solutions.
Can’t find any custom code that should affect this.
Could you try this scenario and see how it looks for you?

@NilsN Could you please run through this scenario one time? :slight_smile:

Tried with a fresh Litium 6.3.9 and it works as expected. In your test solutions, do you have more than one web front?

It’s only 1 server. I also noticed that sometimes it will index 1 back…

If i have a multi select textoption

  1. News is selected
  2. Open dropdown
  3. Select “Good price”
  4. De select News
  5. Close dropdown
  6. Click save
  7. No change on the web page
  8. Open dropdown
  9. Select news
  10. De select “Good Price”
  11. Close dropdown
  12. Click save
  13. “Good Price” will be shown on the web page :man_shrugging:

In this case, it’s important to open the dropdown and select/de select.
Not use the X on the option outside the dropdown

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