Anyone has experience in adding the Enhanced E-com tracking with GTM

Just wanted to check if anyone did this and how. Can you make use of the TrackingScriptGenerator?
Is this a big thing? Did a fast read of the documentation on the google devs site and seems a bit much.

Litium version: 6.3.7

We do not support GTM Enhanced Tracking in Litium but if you got questions or help regarding this topic you are welcome to contact support team.

You cant do it only in GTM unless your products in the listings have a lot of data, you need to expose a big chunk of data server-side if you want to implement it fully. The least complex way usually is to add a json data attribute with all needed data to all products and products lists and push events to GTM via the datalayer.

But one could just generate a json object from the DOM and use GTM click events and an observer scrip for impressions if all data is there. But then every frontend redesign could brake the code.

A nicer way would be to use api that gets all needed information from a productId, adds it to the datalayer and subscribe to those events

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