Are there any good ways to exclude variants from a search

We have a product filter for product names.
But using the accelerator will return both BaseProduct and Variant name. Is there any good exclude tags for excluding the variant results?

Litium version: 7.0.2

If baseproduct or variant is returend from search depend on what you have set for url on your template:

The URL settings from display template is also used when the product is indexed. If the URL setting is Variant , all the variants will be added to the search index as individual items. If the URL setting is Product the search index will only add the base product with all the variants as one item.


Adjust the code for the search if you want to not return variant hits.

I probably wasn’t clear. With search i meant the litium / Lucene search.
Our client want’s to have Faceted search filter so that the user can filter a productlist based on base product names.

I think you need to index the part that you want have as filter in a separate field and then use facet searches on that one. See this forum answer.

Thanks for the information, we’ll do just that.